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Hand-drawn illustrations | Digital Print | 4 x 6 inches | Single-sided

Yeni is a self-taught local illustrator who is inspired by her childhood memories and everything that swirls around her. "Initially, as a stay-at-home-mum, I used art mainly as a sanity outlet. Then I took a leap of faith last month and launched @yenidraws products!" Find out more about Yeni here: @yenidraws

Choose from 6 designs to accompany your gift to your loved ones. Includes kraft envelope.

1. My Singapore My Home - Peranakan Shophouse

"When I returned home in 2018, I appreciated Singapore much more than before. I fell in love with our city all over again. I was looking around for something unique which could represent our vibrant city...and without knowing, this special something has always been in my heart - The Shophouses. Architecturally, it has so much character! There is so much detail to appreciate - from the door panel to the wall engravings. This artwork is inspired by the many gorgeous shophouses in Singapore."

2. My Singapore My Home - Home, Where My Heart Is

"This is my have a home filled with tropical plants and a book shelf filled with creative books on illustrating, patterns, embroidery, gardening, cooking...too many to list. It also shows terrazzo flooring and round-shaped windows which were both elements I grew up seeing a lot. If only I could have those as my window grills..."

3. My Singapore My Home - My Home

"This is inspired by my own home! I am a collector of small things and if I can, I would display everything!"

4. My Singapore My Home - Barang Barang Nostalgia

"Tingkat...Dragon playground...Kueh lapis...Gem cookies. Playing catching at the playground with our cousins and neighbourhood buddies, sending kueh-kueh to Aunties next door, buying little snacks at "Ma-Ma" shop...I hope this piece will stir good memories for us to share with our many generations to come."

5. My Singapore My Home - Peranakan Tea Time

"When we were younger, we always had guests for tea. We would hear the adults chit chat over Kopi-O and Teh panas. Through this artwork, I wish to remind ourselves to make more time for one another...even over a cuppa with kueh."

6. Enchanted Garden

"This piece is inspired by my love for nature and our ever-so-romantic Botanical Gardens of Singapore. I remember those days when our father would talk about the types of trees lining along the roads and tropical flowers at Mount Faber. Now as a mum raising our children in a concrete city, I feel the need to share the beauty of nature with my little ones."

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