About us

The Verdant Lab is a homegrown artisanal lifestyle brand that offers personal care products that are good for your body, perfect for your home, and kind to the planet.

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Our Brand Vision

We believe in creating personal care products that are authentic, simple and sustainable. In every part of the process, we aim to be as transparent as possible with our customers, streamlining processes to save costs for both the company and our customers, while being sustainable throughout in order to play our part for the planet.

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The Verdant Lab showcases our brand vision by focusing on 4 key pillars: Quality Ingredients, Unique Scents, the User Experience, and Sustainability

Quality Ingredients

With complete ownership over our formulations, our products are created with utmost attention to detail. We work with trusted suppliers and test our ingredients to ensure our products meet high quality and sustainability standards. In all of our products, there are no sulfates, silicones, colourants or parabens. We have consciously taken an approach to avoid these controversial ingredients, opting for premium alternatives that perform similarly or better.

Unique Scents

Scents matter greatly to us here at The Verdant Lab. With all of our scents exclusively customised in-house, our 6 signature scents run through all of our key product lines. Customise your experience, or standardise them – we make the option available for you to choose.

User Experience

Whenever The Verdant Lab creates a product, user experience is always top of mind. Our products are meticulously crafted to feel good, smell good, and look good, with a range of products and scents to complement our customers' desired experiences. 


And of course, core to everything we do here at The Verdant Lab, is our foundational value of sustainability. Sustainability is not just a buzzword for us  –rather, we strive towards a green and sustainable approach in everything we do, from our processes and our ingredients, all the way to our packaging and delivery methods.

We have strived to reduce the amount of water in our raw materials, working with solids or concentrates that cut down on unnecessary shipping of water content. We monitor our production time and energy consumption, and are always looking to reduce wastage. In terms of packaging, we either use paper or reused bubble wrap.

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