Where are your products manufactured?

We manufacture our products in our own lab in Singapore. We do not outsource production or purchase private label products to resell. Unless it is a product feature from, or a collaboration with another artist, all products are made by The Verdant Lab.

We believe that there is value in the effort in pursuing our own craft and prefer to be able to control how our products are manufactured and experienced by our customers.

Can I request for a custom order?

Yes, we accept custom orders. Please drop us an email at hello@theverdantlab.com with your request and we can work out the details with you.

What is the best before date of my product?

The best before date of our products is 12 months after opening. Our products are suitable to be kept unopened in a cool place away from direct sunlight. We recommend checking the product for any visible changes in colour, consistency, and smell if it has been opened but unused for a long time.

Are your products vegan?

Although our products are not certified vegan, they are suitable for vegans & vegetarians. All products are free from any animal derivatives and have not been tested on animals.

You may verify the ingredients in each product on our website and on our product packaging.

Are your ingredients/products organic?

Although some of our ingredients may be organic, our final products are not certified organic. We believe non-organic ingredients are not inferior compared to organic-certified ones.

Ingredients should be selected based on their intended usage or performance.

Are your ingredients/products natural?

Our formulations contain both “natural” and artificial ingredients and are selected based on their efficacy and safety.

The term “natural” is vague and used by many brands to appeal to consumers. Not all “natural” ingredients are safe or good for your body and not all artificial ingredients are toxic.

We prefer to approach the challenge of formulation based on the principles of safety, efficacy and experience, and not use vague marketing terms to appeal to customers.

Do you have an option for products without preservatives?

Other than our cold process soaps which are high pH and our sanitisers and mask fresheners that contain 70% alcohol, all other water-based products are formulated with preservatives.

Water is a very conducive environment for microbial growth, which presents a danger to your health if the product does not contain a preservative. Even with a clean workspace and good manufacturing procedure, it is difficult, if not impossible to prevent any contamination.

Preservatives are nothing to fear as they are used in such low amounts to not cause any health effects. There are brands that forgo using preservatives, which is a huge health risk to consumers. At The Verdant Lab, we do not compromise on the safety of our products.

We take a hurdle approach to preserving our formulations, by utilising a combination of factors such as low/high pH, heating, chelating agents etc.

Liquid Washes (Body Wash, Shampoo, Hand Wash)

Do your liquid wash products contain sulphates?

Our products do not contain sulfates.

Sulfate surfactants, most commonly referring to sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), are used commonly in many products due to their low cost and high performance in foaming and cleansing.

Our stance on sulfates is that they are safe and effective for use on the body. We have chosen not to use them as they can be harsh on the skin and hair, stripping away too much of the sebum present in our skin. We have spent a great deal of time sourcing and developing our formulation to give a luxurious foam and gentle cleansing while avoiding sulfates.

What is the pH of your liquid washes?

We adjust the pH to 6.8 - 7.2.

Soy Wax Candles

Why is there frosting on the top of your soy wax candles?

Frosting is a natural effect of soy wax, due to the formation of crystals as the solidifies. We do not add any additives to prevent frosting from occurring. It does not affect the usage of the candle.

Why does my candle look lumpy after it has cooled down?

Lumpy tops are formed due to uneven cooling of the wax as it solidifies. It does not affect the usage of the candle.

How should I care for my candle?

Candles should be lit for at least an hour to ensure the top layer is completely melted to the edge of the container. This prevents the candle from tunnelling, where the wax around the side of the container is not melted.

The wick should be trimmed to approximately 6 mm (1/4 inch) before it is lit to ensure a steady flame.

After your candle is used up, you may remove the residual wax by pouring hot water into the container. The residual wax will melt and reform at the top to allow for easy removal.

Hand Sanitizers

What is the alcohol content in your hand sanitizers?

Our sanitizers contain 75% isopropyl alcohol, which is within the recommended range of 60 to 90% for antimicrobial efficacy.

What is the shelf life of your hand sanitizer?

Our sanitizers are given a best before date of one year. However, they are still suitable for use after that. The best before date is given as the scent may fade or change after storing for a prolonged period of time. However, please rest assured that the antimicrobial efficacy will not decrease even after expiry.

Shipping & Returns

What if my product arrives damaged?

We do our utmost to ensure that our packaging protects the contents within while minimising the amount of materials used. However, we cannot guarantee that your products will be handled carefully during transit.

In the event that your product is damaged, please drop us an email at hello@theverdantlab.com with pictures of the damaged products and packaging upon receipt. We will make arrangements to resend your order.

What is your return policy?

Please refer to our Refund Policy.

What are your shipping charges?

Depending on your address and weight of items ordered, your shipping charges will differ. The charges will be calculated and displayed at checkout. We regularly offer discounts and free shipping; please refer to the banner on our site or our social media pages for more information.

How are my orders shipped?

All our orders are shipped from our lab in Singapore. We engage either Singapore Post or a third-party courier to ship your orders.

How long will it take for my products to arrive?

Orders are packed and shipped within 3 working days after confirmation. You will receive another email to notify you that your order has been shipped.

For domestic shipping in Singapore, please allow 2 - 5 working days for shipment.

For international shipping, please allow 1 - 2 weeks for shipment.

If you do not receive your order within the time frame above, please drop us an email at hello@theverdantlab.com.

Why is my address not in the list of countries specified?

We are working with several couriers to ship our products and these are where the majority of our customers are based in. Please drop us an email at hello@theverdantlab.com and we will work out a shipping arrangement for you.

How are your products packaged?

Our philosophy to reduce our environmental impact is reflected in the choice and design of our packaging materials.

We avoid single-use plastics as much as possible. There is no sustainable plastic recycling plant in Singapore where we are based in, and not all cities in the world recycle all their plastic waste. Plastic waste does not biodegrade and persists in our environment. We're sure you have seen the video of the poor turtle suffering with a plastic straw by now.

We ship our products in 100% recycled paper mailers or kraft paper boxes. These have been  selected to reduce the amount of material and weight required. We may also reuse bubble wrap that we have procured to give them a new lease of life.

Our liquid products are contained in glass and plastic bottles. We encourage you to reuse the bottles by purchasing refills or repurposing them for other products.