Rose Water and the Importance of Toners | The Verdant Lab Skin

Rose Water and the Importance of Toners | The Verdant Lab Skin

As Mother's Day is approaching, we've released a new Rose Water Rehydrating Toner, enriched with hydrating hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. What a perfect gift to show your appreciation for your mum, with Roses symbolising affection, love and admiration!

We chose Rose water as a key ingredient simply because of its abundance in history and medieval use which originated in Iran. By distilling rose petals with hot steam, a fragrant floral water with a handful of potential health benefits is born.

Rose water is known to soothe the skin and calm inflamed surfaces, treating multiple ailments, both internally and externally due to its strong anti-inflammatory properties. Its rich anti-oxidant content fights off free radicals caused by sun induced damage from UVA and UVB, slowing down the skin's ageing process. Rose water also holds aromatherapeutic properties that curbs depression and stress to enhance your mood and relieve headaches. The list goes on for the myriad of health benefits that rose water holds.

As a new product in our latest collection, The Verdant Lab Skin, we would also love to share the importance of having a toner in your skincare routine. Back in 1900s, the first toners were called skin tonics, made to soothe the nerves and take fatigue out of the muscles. Fast forward to modern day skincare, toners are now formulated to be exfoliating, rehydrating and even brightening. The general idea to how a toner works is it gives the skin a quick hit of intense hydration, restores the skin's PH and removes a layer of dead skin cells with it.

The porous layer of the skin is similar to that of a sponge. If you pour water on a dry sponge, water just sits on top of the sponge, but it you soak the sponge in water, a better absorption is obtained. That is how toners work in a nutshell to give your skin a better surface layer for absorption.

Rose toner and lotion

Another important function of toners are restoring the skin's pH (Potential Hydrogen) which ranges from 0 (acidic) to 14 (alkali), with our skin's pH sitting between 4.5 to 5 (Slightly acidic). After you wash your face, the skin's pH fluctuates to being slightly more alkaline, whereby a toner steps in to bring the skin's pH down so that our skin barriers can function properly. 

If the skin barrier is too acidic, it gets inflamed and irritated. If the skin barrier is too alkaline, it gets dehydrated and flaky. pH is extremely important because our skin layer is responsible for holding in lipids, natural oils and moisture while blocking out bacteria and pollutants which causes acne. Toners are extremely important to our skincare routine and for healthy skin barrier function, a crucial step that should not be left out by many.

We hope that this post gives you a little insight to the beautiful benefits of Rose Floral water and how Toners work on a mechanistic level of your skin's surface.

Shop our Rose Water Rehydrating Toner now and see the effects for yourself!




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