Find our Honeysuckle Amber Shampoo and Conditioner at Eco.Le

Find our Honeysuckle Amber Shampoo and Conditioner at Eco.Le

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We're happy to announce that we've stocked our Honeysuckle Amber Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner at Eco.Le!

After several iterations, we have created a mild but high-foaming shampoo that conditions the hair well. Drugstore shampoos are usually based on sulphates as they are inexpensive and foam really well. However, they are drying as they can excessively strip off oil from the hair and scalp. We understand that consumers are more discerning nowadays and want to avoid sulphates, thus we have chosen other ingredients.

Our conditioner may seem more like a cream when compared to others found elsewhere, but give it a try and you'll be pleasantly surprised. Silicones are another controversial ingredient, and we're using a plant-based alternative instead.

Both shampoo and conditioner use a food-grade preservative system and are adjusted to pH 5.5 - 6. We've added Vitamin B5 and hydrolysed rice protein to nourish hair to keep each strand strong, healthy and smooth. 

You may purchase our hair products by weight at Eco.Le, your friendly zerowaste bulk store. Please bring along your own container if possible. If not, second-hand bottles from the store are available as well. Eco.Le has been extremely supportive of us, and we're happy to work with them to bring more sustainable options to the public. Let's each do our best in our journey to sustainability.


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